About Us

The Black Oaks Center for Sustainable Renewable Living entrusted by its founders, assists communities in reducing their carbon footprint and fossil fuel use. It is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to education and training.

While the center was formally established in 2006, its true beginnings date back to 2003 when the family became aware of resource depletion and climate change. The family made a deep commitment to bring information not only to our communities who were totally unaware but most importantly begin to create a path to solutions to our impending energy descent.

Wedding photoOur Commitment to each other and to the creation of safe, healing spaces began 14 years ago when we promised to make our marriage a clearing for abundance and prosperity within our own family and our surrounding community.

The Black Oaks Center is proof of our continued commitment to each other, our community, and the land.

In honor of our Ancient Ancestors who mastered the skills of sustainability, we have come to understand that land is to be shared. We are doing all we can to care for the land we have been given and to foster harmony and balance, to protect life and defend against all that threatens it. We invite those who share our vision to come and create safe healing spaces here on the land with us.


Fred CarterFred Carter:

A former transportation executive now devotes his life to sustainability. Fred is a certified teacher of Permaculture by the Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute. He has been trained in photovoltaic & biodiesel by Solar Energy International. He is certified as a Peak Oil Community Leader by the Community Solution. "Black Oaks is a clearing for transitioning to a post carbon world."



Dr Jifunza CarterDr Jifunza Wright Carter M.D., M.P.H.:

A family physician boarded in holistic integrative medicine. She is also a community health advocate. For her, the work she does here is the higher healing work. "We have a wonderful opportunity before us to transform our lives and our relationships with ourselves and the planet. The commitment of Black Oaks Center for Sustainable Renewable Living is the children. Giving them the tools and the skills for the future."



Akin Carter:

Hello there. My name is Akin Carter. I am 12 years old. I am one of the co-founders
of the Black Oaks Center. I have a little knowledge about computers. I want to learn more so that I can help my Mom and Dad with the IT stuff. I love green technology .

At the eco-campus, I help everyone with everything. I believe I am a hard worker. I have chores at the eco-campus. I take care of the chickens the Betty Shabazz School hatched and my goat, Jumping Bean. I also have to keep water available for drinking and washing. I love bird watching at the eco-campus. Black Oaks Center is the place to be for living green. I love life on the land. I want to see Black Oaks Center grow.

We are drastically reducing our carbon footprint by living off-grid. When I was 9, I realized that climate change was real when it was hot for Christmas. No snow! From then, I made a commitment to do what I can to stop global warming. I love the CommUnity Building Days. I get to eat good food, hang out with my friends and meet great people. I cant wait to meet you in person!