Directions to the Black Oaks Center!

Go south on I 57 to exit 312, Kankakee/route 17 and go east (make a left.) You will travel for approximately 6 miles on rt 17 east before you get to rt 1. You will pass 2 cemeteries & a golf course. Pass the intersection of rt 17 and rt 1 by the Hoekstra Transportation Site.

Continue straight - the path begins to wind. You will see a sign that says "Hopkins Park" around the 3 mile mark on the right. Turn right (there is a right turning lane on your right.)

Continue down the winding road for about 6 miles. You will pass a sign on your right announcing that you have entered Hopkins park. You will pass the Citgo gas station on your left. Slow down when you get to a white building on the left and at the 7 Day Adventist church (3000S,) make a left. You will pass a Boots & Saddles sign on the left, you will pass 14000E Road and you will pass the Shining Star Church. Slow down because the turn into Black Oaks Center, 14485E 3000S Rd. will be on your left. There is a white mailbox with the address on it at the entrance.

Wind around the road, keeping to your right until you get to three large trailers on your left. At the end of the trailers, you will turn right and find a place to park. You are there.