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at the low carbon, off grid eco campus.

Black Oaks Center for Sustainable Renewable Living and Goldthread Organic Herb Farm are now accepting applications for the 2012 Grassroots Herbal Healthcare Permaculture Training and Certification.

Many thanks to Todd Lynch for the landscape design, seeds and plants.  Click here to read his blog.

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Grassroots Healthcare Permaculture Course June 14-17

Course Necessity

We are past due for a sustainable healthcare delivery system; one that puts the person and the care of oneself at the core through the ingestion of herbs and food as natural medicines.  With the assistance of family, friends and community, prevention and intervention in disease progression can be realized and thwarted through healthy living.  With the rise in the cost of fossil fuels comes the rise in the cost of pharmaceuticals.  Most of us don’t know they both come for the same source: petroleum.  Since 2008, the gap widens daily between the world’s supply of petroleum and the demand as with many other  natural resources. In the transition to a way of life that uses less fossil fuel, we must return to ancient plant medicines for the care of ourselves and the planet.  

Course Description
The principals of permaculture will be applied to design the installation of 30 plus medicinal herbs in the courtyard at the Black Oaks Training Center eco campus in Pembroke Township, 1 hour south of Chicago’s south side.  During this four day intensive, participants will be able to learn about the healing energies of each herb from an indigenous folk, Chinese and Ayurveda perspective, how to use the herbs and how to grow them.  First hand experience with the nature of the plant medicines is one of the many rare treats of this course.  William Siff L.Ac,  is a seasoned herbalist & acupuncturist, founder of the Goldthread Farm and Apothecary in Florence Massachusetts where he has a successful natural healing practice http://www.goldthreadapothecary.com/.  He is well known for his teaching.  Co-founders of Black Oaks; Fred Carter, certified teacher of permaculture will provide the base for learning permaculture application.  He has gone beyond landscaping to utilize permaculture concepts in his work in growing a local food system in the Chicago area and in his low carbon daily life.   Dr. Jifunza Wright-Carter, M.D., M.P.H. is board certified in Holistic, Integrative Medicine and has been practicing holistic medicine for over 30 years.  She will provide medical insight as to when plant medicines are applicable, drug/pharmaceutical interactions and when medical attention should be sought.  Upon certification, participants will have working knowledge and basic skills to begin to incorporate herbal medicines into their self-care and assist family and friends with plant medicine intervention as well as when to seek medical advice.  We promise to strive for a balance of didactics & hands on learning.

The 30 + Herbs were selected because they can grow in North America, have a wide therapeutic index, low toxicity, can be used to treat a wide range of maladies effectively and affordably:

Who should take the course?

Course Requirements:
None, a background in permaculture is preferred but not necessary

Participants are encouraged to stay at the off grid eco campus.  This is a wonderful opportunity to experience low carbon living close to the earth.  Camping and cabins with hostel style sleeping arrangements are the choices available.   Organic, local fresh meals will be served throughout the day. 

Black Oaks Center eco campus is closest to the Midway airport approximately 90 minutes away.  Buses and train travel can stop at Kankakee Illinois or go into downtown Chicago with a ride on the Metra electric line to University Park and a Metro Bus to Bourbonnais. Ride shares are encouraged.  For the best driving instructions don’t go to Google, go to the directions webpage.

Cost:  $450.00/person, non-refundable, includes the course with meals, accommodation, study materials and herbs.

CommUnity Planting Days

The community is invited to participate in the installation of the course design of the courtyard.  This initial design will be the first step towards the final plans Todd Lynch, Associate ASLA, has laid out - see http://ecotropy.blogspot.com/2012/02/black-oaks-concept.html.  Community organizations, religious institutions and interested parties are welcome to learn the medicines of the herbs while planting.  Lunch will be served.   

Cost: $40 per person per day (Saturday or Sunday) OR $60 for both days (Saturday & Sunday, based on availability), non-refundable.

Work Exchanges are available if the cost is prohibitive but you would still like to participate.  Please see work exchange in the registration.

Seeds & seedlings for this installation are a gift from Todd Lynch & Family to Black Oaks Center.

Proceeds from the certification course and the CommUnity Planting Days will go towards development of the Black Oaks Center for Sustainable Renewable Living Seeds for a Future Fundraiser.