Earth Bag Wall: October 04-05, 2008

Two workshops, one on Earthbag Construction, and the other on Cob Plaster. Instructor Anna Wolfson ( led us in the first phase of wall building, and we successfully built most of the Black Oaks Center entrance wall. There were many volunteers, workshop participants and students who came out to help. Thanks! A special thanks to Ozinga, our friendly vegetarian chef lksjdfjoiwefjljsdf, Anna Wolfson, ADPSR, Betty Shabazz, and everyone else who made it out.


Sustainability Camp: July 25, 2008

We were so pleased to host the Betty Shabazz International Charter School for a Sustainability Camp at the Black Oaks Center on the Savanna. During the day-long camp we guided the students through several workshops which highlighted the principles of passive solar design, renewable energy, earth building, and permaculture gardening. Specifically, we taught the students how to make solar ovens, use solar panels, and how to make natural cob plaster.


Master Planning Charrette #2: June 14, 2008

During the second collaborative design event, we me on the Black Oaks Savanna and focused on what we are calling Phase 1. Phase 1 is the beginning of our family homestead with gardens, a chicken coop, a few small cabins, and great places to gather. We've been using the homestead as a way to teach sustainablity through our actions, with hands-on workshops. Here's a copy of the original invitation with a few details.

Photo Credit: Paula Suda & Abby Trollinger


Master Planning Charrette #1: April 26, 2008

We are so happy with the support and outcomes that have resulted from our collaborative design process for the Black Oaks Center on the Savanna. A special thanks to the organization, Architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility for organizing and facilitating the events. We'll post much more about this in the future. Here's a copy of the original invitation with a few details.

Photo Credit: Steve Carlton